Sony Ericcson J120i

March 15th, 2009

Best features

  • FM Radio
  • Camera
  • MP3 Player
  • Video Recorder

Best Buy Sony Ericcson J120i - Handset only

The Sony Ericsson J120i mobile phone likes to keep things straightforward. It’s concentrated on taking care of calls and text messages, adding an FM radio for a little entertainment if you need it. And, most importantly, it does everything very well. The handsfree headset, which is included in the box with the phone, acts as the radio aerial. The colour screen makes it easy to scroll through the different options. And the keypad has simple white digits on a black background.

Although this is a conveniently small phone, it manages to offer an above-average battery life. It has a memory that’ll hold up to 200 numbers, a built-in dictionary to help with your text messages, an alarm clock and even a few games. The Sony Ericsson J120i Black is one of the simplest handsets around… but it’s certainly no fool!

Best Buy Sony Ericcson J120i - Handset only

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